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Need help with TPA compliance?

TPA Compliance programs are offered by National Integrated Business Solution (NIBS). We have helped numerous companies, large and small, resolve issues of Trade Practices Act compliance. From conducting training courses to TPA compliance audits to developing TPA compliance programs, our services have been widely accepted by some of Australia’s best known companies.

The Trade Practices Act applies to just about every aspect of a business—for example, selling, advertising, retailing, and transactions with other businesses or consumers. Understanding the TPA reduces the risk of breaking the law and may actually improve performance by giving businesses a competitive edge. It can also strengthen consumer trust in a company.

Heavy penalties can apply for breaches of the Act. Most breaches of the Trade Practices Act are unintentional and could have been avoided through having a well structured TPA compliance program. A TPA compliance program is an important risk mitigation factor in any business and can also reduce the penalty associated with an unintentional breach of the Act.

We specialise in the provision of cost effective services related to TPA compliance including;

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